Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honeybuns and other delights!

Yes, once more a gathering of hornbags, and, er other sorts, took place at a residence of a well known dribbly foamer. No, not yours truely. And of course, alcohol was consumed, groping took place, hopefully a bit of inner lemony scents was aroused, and, um, other stuff.
Anyway lets commence with the gallery of glamour that occured forthwithy.
Firstly we have Honey in the white. Yes that is her real name, so no bad jokes or other smutty remarks, this is a PG rated blog you know.
And thence, we have the wonderful Nesa, in the red, with a rather wicked gleam in her eye.
Who knows what evil could be being contemplated there?
And of course Annabelle, what more be said while she enjoys a slight grope of sorts...
Ah, and then we have at the top, Anna doing a very good impression of a young hornbag, certainly the sort that would attract the lens of the Colonel ( Copyright reserved etc), in her natural abode, the kitchen.
Oh no, Terrance old chap has lost complete control, and has to go the grab on Anna.
Judging by Terry's somewhat glazed look, and Anna's facial expression of unutterable fear and loathing, our Terry's effort to source some best practice, ISO 9002 hornbag, is not going particularly well I fear....
So, who do we have here?
It's Annabelle of course, putting her best foot, and, er, other parts in a rather fetching tiny miniskirt forward.
Yes, well, so how can we normal blokes ignore such a fine offer?
Just ask Annabelle, she will give more than an adequate reply to all concerned...
Ah..Grandma, on the left, who believe it or not..really is a Grandma. She strikes a fine, yet civilized pose, beneath some suspect pictures that try to set the mood for such gatherings.
If they dont work, what's on the back shelf does...

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