Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another day, another waste....

Yes, the joys of the railway lifestyle.
Its now Thursday, and after some rather long and obnoixious shifts, one is pushing about 7 hours sleep since Monday morning.
Is this normal? It is good? If not for the wonderfully soothing effects of strong alochol then one would not even be able to type this....
No no no....
In the early hours of this morning, I informed one of those security guards at a certain Sydney port what I thought of his ethnic background and suspicions thereoff.
How dare these sub colonials come here, and carry on like they own the place,and then, myself, an Australian,standing accused for being in breach of anti- terror regulations by walking out the wrong gate, and then report me thereoff.
Go back to your mad mulluh land you heathen scum.
At the early hours of the morning, after endless delays, one is not in the most forgiving of moods you could say.
Especially, after being stooged by the original dodgy brothers, with their clapped out 44s and 47s for around 3 hours.
Later triple NOHABS were purveyed, looking all the world like big, silver, battery powered items that frustrated women carry in their handbags.
Anyway, since I'm going to back to Indonesia shortly for a gunzel filth session, one better tame the rhetoric slightly.
Happens on those big jobs.....