Saturday, February 7, 2009

King tide set to compound Townsville's woes

Residents in the north Queensland city of Townsville are being urged to take precautions with Sunday's king tide expected to be half a metre higher than forecast.

The Townsville Council is urging residents in low-lying areas to move their belongings to higher ground.

Mayor Les Tyrell says tide measurements this week show an abnormal increase in height.

He says experts are unsure what is causing the change.

"It's something that struck us at the last lot of king tides," he said.

"We had no warning of that and it's something that we're very keen to have a look at and see if it's a normal phenomenon or exactly what causes it.

"People did get caught out a little bit last time, so the expectation is this time that it could be up to 500 millimetres higher."