Friday, May 30, 2008

Ah yes! And what a surprise, hb's for you and me!

Well what can one say?

Perhaps, experiencing sobriety this morning I am a little lost for words.

So enjoy one's efforts again from a photgraphic filum session, lah.

More small signs of our impending doom..Sydney!

Sydney's weather see-saw continues
Richard MaceyMay 30, 2008 - 3:48PM
It almost seems as if Sydney's weather is chasing some meteorological see-sawing record.
This month has been the city's driest May since records were first kept 150 years ago.
By this afternoon just 2.8 millimetres of rain had fallen over Observatory Hill, far short of May's average of 121.5.
The shortage of clouds also made it Sydney's fourth sunniest May. The city has been bathed in 7.7 hours of daily sunshine, well up on the average of 6.1.
"We have ended up with a dry autumn," said the weather bureau climate technical officer, Mike De Salis.
Despite receiving little more than half the season's normal rain, this autumn has only been "the 30th or 40th driest on record."
While March too was dry, receiving less than half normal expectations, autumn failed to come close to setting any dry spell records because April was wet.
It is a pattern Sydney adopted before Christmas.
"December was wet," said Mr De Salis.
"January's rain was well below average. February was wet, March was below average, April above and May has been very dry. It's been back and forth."
While autumn has been dry, "we had a reasonably wet summer."
He blamed May's troubles on a high pressure system. "It drifted over NSW for the whole month. They bring stable air and you get no rain."
The see-sawing pattern may continue into winter, which begins on Sunday.
"There is a low off the Queensland coast that is going to drop a lot of rain on Brisbane and the north coast of NSW," said Mr De Salis.
"It may reach Sydney by the weekend."
The bureau is predicting possible showers from Sunday until Thursday. Besides being dry and sunny, May's daily maximum temperatures have been 0.4 degrees above average.