Saturday, August 4, 2007

Brewongle station NSW....

Ah who can remember when every town and village had a proper railway station?

Once, life used to revolve around such places.

As time went on, and people were able to get their grubby little paws on filthy automobiles, the use and need of such places vanished into the mists of time.

So, we scuttle about in the rat race of life, in our cars, and bring about the total destruction of all we know through global warming, because of the use of such infernal machines.
At the same time many magnificent old buildings continued rotting in the countryside in remote locations.

Of course rotten, mongrel, scheming beaurocrats see no need for such remnants, like oil is never going to run out for our four wheeled, road rage inducing monsters, and so these survivors of a more relaxed and slower pace age, are ruthlessly ground into the dirt from whence they came.

Brewongle was a lovely old station located not far from the east of Bathurst, on the main double track to Sydney.

And naturally is totally flattened.

Nights were spent camping out in the old waiting room, while gunzelling about in the day, and quietly dribbling in the evening over passing trains.

So for your excitement and stimulation, here is a photo, lah, as seen above.
Today, nothing remains...nothing, you got that?????
You pox ridden office johnies, with no sense of history, you.......

Purveying various bollocks....

Greetings to all and sundry out there...

Today is a rather momentous occasion, as one has decided to venture forth into the unknown "blogging" world, and foster my depraved nature upon all concerned.

So, without any further ado, may there be hopefully intense views on trains, hornbags, and bulk consumption of alcoholic beverages.

And naturally, as one is now taking part in the "blog", much introspection, random thoughts, and other self indulgent behaviour.

Why? Because one can I suppose.

So there.

Lets see what dribbles forth lah!

Random hornbag photo....

A former Thai bargirl lurking next to some still innocent younglings in a tram stop in Zurich.

What differences in life experience lurks beneath the diametrically opposed individuals seen here........?