Monday, May 5, 2008

Gunzel time...C504 at Goulburn!

Yes, here she is, fresh and shining, ready for many more kilometres of hard, throbbing work.

Caught after a cleansing shower, lurking in Goulburn yard on Mon 28/4/08.

She has been showing her shiny parts to the world, working sleeper trains down on the "main south", between Braemar for loading, and Yass, for unloading northwards again...

Hmmmm.........C class, enuf to make you forget about the hornbags for a short while..


Mike said...

Do you work these beast's Colonel?

alcogoodwin said...

A very short while one hopes.
One hopes that being around these C class does not lead one to Fluffy type tendencies.
Now - Wheres ma tissues!

Semi-Retired Foamer

Davo said...

Yes Mike, I often work on these beasts, and some others besides!
Still plenty of old beasties left in NSW, and not just in the locomotive area either!

Mike said...

Okay thanks Colonel. Normally I would like to be able to stick make a smart arsed comment and suggest you stick to taking pics of Hornbags. But those Loco shots are really very good!

What a wonderful balance!



Davo said...

Ah yes Mike...
It is only recently that I have been applying one's mind to hornbag photography...
In today's upskilling competative world, in certainly pays to diversify!
More train shots soon!