Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gunzel time...A week on the main south...

In the last week of April, and very early May, I was able to experience, to my great joy and dribbly bonerfacation, working between Goulburn, Braemar, and Yass Junction.
Many opportunities presented themselves to work one's gunzelly filum device extremely hard, and in some rather nice locales.
So, fetch a carton or two, crack some ales, pull up a pew..and enjoy some fine photos of down that way in New South Wales....
More piccies will be added as time goes on, lah.........
To start, here we CLP 12, an unknown EL, and CLF 1, blasting, and certainly producing those special feelings only a gunzel can know, through the former station site of Carrick, between Goulburn and Marulan, on Fri morning, 2 May 2008 on a QR National service between Melbourne, and Brisbane.
And above this, we have NR's 34 and 42 on their way to Victoria, coasting down grade, again at Carrick, passing over the Wollondilly River and the fine bridges therein.
In fast failing light, at a rather gunzelly hack spot on a classic old overbridge, down comes NR's 107 and 23, at the point of "go home" lighting....a little after 5.00pm, Weds 30 April 08.
Oh what a feeling! Having a good feeling of, well, er, something, whilst a Medway quarry train throbs in an intense fashion up Werai Bank, between Moss Vale and Exeter, in perfect afternoon light. In an obvious fashion 81 class fans will be worked up, as 8150 and 8152 be pulling...the load of empties that is.....3.15 pm, Weds 30 April 08.

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