Sunday, March 16, 2008

T176....Sydney's foamer train!

Yes...what self respecting gunzel type lurking here in wonderful NSW does not try to photograph, and have a "quiet moment", over this local suburban trip train in the road raging madness of Sydney.


Well the crackling vintage motive power for starters. For a long time ancient GMs 22 and 27 did a rather fine effort most of the time.

At present though it is Alco 4471, and GM27, doing the pants enlarging work at the front.

However, often, even daily, motive power can be switched around, and then you will see 442's, FL's, 45's and rarely an EL or a GL.

Yes, well what can one say to that?

The other appealing feature is the schedule.

Often first past Sydney's notorious and cursed peak blackout, the hard at work gunzel can lie in bed, with his deviate imagination towards other non rail forms of public transport, and then pick a spot anywhere on the metro goods line to prepare for its arrival.

When current railmags in hand, sometimes with sticky pages, T176's arrival is sure to please, as it hammers past sometime after 9.00am on its return run from Yennora, to Botany.

Departure from our rail choked port is anytime from 12.45 pm on, to again beat the insidious afternoon peak, so if the morning was not enough, a second helping can be again once enjoyed.

For your arousel, here is T176 on Monday 3 March 2008, just north of Chullora Junction.

4471 and GM27 are full of hard, throbbing, power at 1.15 pm, this particular day.

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