Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gunzel time...Tolls to Sandgate.....

Just when it was started, now it is nearly over....

A very pleasent daytime run to the Tolls siding at Sandgate, Newcastle, with 2 nice, shiny vintage C class locos.

Once employed in Victoria, and built to an SD 40 mechanical design by Clyde in South Australia, their future for a while in the late nineties was a little bleak.

Now here they are, back again and throbbing in New South Wales.

Tolls is shifting its operations to Carrington at Port Waratah, so within a few short days this photo at the Sandgate flyover will be history.

In fact, there is only 2 trips left to run as of today, this coming Thursday 26/3, and Saturday 28/3.

Leaving Sydney around lunchtime from Cooks River, there is ample opportunity for the discerning gunzel to make his record on filum, or his new fangled digital device.

So, here is C507 and C508 on the Sandgate flyover, on Sat 15/3 /08..

Hopefully, it wont tempt any gunzels to reach for, er, certain devices either....

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