Friday, March 14, 2008

The finer things of life in Thailand!

Yes, along with trains, comes Chang Beer.

Anyone who has travelled in Thailand knows the wonderful, blithering, idiot this brew turns you into, not to mention the effects on one's stomach, and, er other endearing features to your fellow backpackers.

After all, who hasnt wobbled to a Thai State Railways station, gut churning, blinding migraines, and that unpleasent feeling about what went on the night before, and who really did it with the guesthouse cleaner.

Ahh fine memories...

To discourage such activities here is two most vibrant ladies, selling the opposition's product, that does not have as many nasty side effects.

Its all in the water, or the formaldehyde!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Have not had the pleasure of Change while in those parts. When in need of gut churning blinding migraines and other unpleasant feelings, I found San Mig quite adequate :P