Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New PPE "great success!"

New advances in world's best practice PPE, have now allowed the following ISO 9002 approved changes to take place.

As can be observed, the sourcing of suitable highly colourful and visible items to protect the accredited rail safety worker, has been " great success".

And in keeping in line with modern managerilism, the KPI's for sick days, and other company unfriendly breaks, fall accordingly, and this now ensures that the team leader will recieve his bonus this year.

This of course creates a win-win situation for all concerned.

And not to mention fulfilling another vital requirement of the modern day workplace.

The concept of "fun".

Yes, all that shift work, long hours, family unfriendly lifestyle and other beasties affecting the aforementioned rail safety worker- accredited, will soon be forgotten, and soothed with these beauties whilst "on site".

And of course, there is allways the opportunity of "upskilling" and "exterior" learning of course,
and "recognized prior learning" is allways appreciated!

1 comment:

Spadge said...

Nice, frontal airbags as standard to.
Great design, bet they look good around the boot area to.